5 Reasons I Knit/Craft

So I don’t commit bloody murder upon that IT guy.

The one who has me set up meetings for him like I’m his personal assistant (footnote: I am not his personal assistant), then plays with his tablet computer, rather than paying attention, during said meeting.


To prevent from doing needless activities, like eating, sleeping, working, and peeing.

No, really. I’ll just finish this row. Oh, wait. This is a bad stopping place. I’ll just knit to the next section of the pattern.


To cover my body in an idiosyncratic way.

I make many things, most of which don’t suit me. But they were fun to knit.


To make things that sit in other people’s closets.

Dust doesn’t accumulate itself, ya know?


So that I can “watch” countless hours of TV with only a modicum of guilt.

It’s the same 3 episodes of MST3K, too. What?! Repetition relieves stress.


Post in the comments to let me know why you knit/craft.


Throwing my hat into the ring

Hello, world!

I am a scientist by day, and a craftster by night.  I am an intermediate knitter and crocheter and an (almost) completely new seamstress (thus we have three needles).  I created this blog to document my sewing, crocheting, and knitting adventures.  With a side order of funny and goofy–I hope.

Come with me as I try to figure this crafty stuff out!